US booksellers seek to join Amazon antitrust suit | Books+Publishing

In the US, the American Booksellers Association (ABA) has filed a motion with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), seeking to add independent bookstores to the FTC’s antitrust complaint against Amazon, reports Publishers Weekly. ‘The ABA believes our motion to intervene will help the FTC’s efforts to stop Amazon’s exclusionary conduct that has hurt small business, … Read more

Pirate Software aspires to start his own publishing company after Helldivers 2 downfall – Dexerto

Game Developer Pirate Software has shared his thoughts on creating his own publishing company after the recent Helldivers 2 debacle. Pirate Software’s statement posted to Twitter/X on May 5 was in response to Helldivers 2’s recent downfall, which highlighted the harsh reality of signing with large publishers. The last few days of watching Sony gut … Read more

Book sales: What that viral Substack post gets wrong.

This essay was adapted from Lincoln Michel’s newsletter Counter Craft. Subscribe here. Last week the article “No One Buys Books,” by Elle Griffin, went viral, topping Substack categories and being shared widely on social media. It’s easy to understand why. Publishing is an opaque industry, and Griffin’s piece—which collects quotes and statistics from the 2022 Justice … Read more

Studentreasures Publishing celebrates 17 million published student-authored books

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Studentreasures Publishing is celebrating 17 million published student-authored books. According to Studentreasures officials, they are recognizing six second-grade classes at Sixes Elementary in Canton, Georgia, for writing, illustrating and publishing their own books. In addition to celebrating the published second-grade authors, one class was identified as the publisher of the 17 … Read more