MHM festival is always the sea, the sun, beer, friends, girls in bikini and favorite music! Five days of complete separation from reality are waiting for you!
We have EVERYTHING necessary for a real metal music lover's break! Join us and you in these hot August days!

METAL HEADS 'MISSION stege (August 1-3): three days of furious frenzy and an exhausting thrash, three dozen excellent bands from 12 countries

- ILLDISPOSED (Denmark) Death Metal
- EPITOME (Poland) Pathological sound formula
- MUTANTER (Ukraine) Death Metal
- SIN OF GOD (Hungary) Death Metal
- DRACO HYPNALIS (Czech Republic) Prog Death Metal
- SOUL SACRIFICE (Turkey) Experimental Death Metal
- ASPHODELIA (Italy) Dark Symphonic Metal
- ATROPINE (Poland) Death Metal
- WRCKG (Netherlands) Heavy Melodic Hardcore
- EXACT DIVISION (Ukraine) Heavy / Thrash Metal
- BEYOND THE EXISTENCE (Greece) Atmospheric Death Metal
- RE: SPAWN (Ukraine) Thrash / Death Metal
- DRACULA (Belarus) Thrash Metal
- NIHILIST (Belarus) Prog Death Metal
- SIGNS OF EXECUTION (Estonia) Groove Metal
- D.HATE (Ukraine) Death / Groove Metal
- ENCEPHALOTOMY (Ukraine) Brutal Death Metal
- DRIFT OF GENES (Ukraine) Brutal Death Metal
- MOREGORE (Ukraine) Grindcore
- FECALITY (Ukraine) Goregrind / Grindcore
- BRAIN DEFLORATION (Ukraine) Brutal Death Grind
- FORNAX (Ukraine) Melodic Death Metal
- STARVING SOULS (Ukraine) Melodic Death Metal
- POMSTA (Ukraine) Southern / Groove Metal
- RATTLER (Ukraine) Speed ​​/ Thrash Metal
- CHAOS DESCENT (Iran) Death Metal
- VANDRAREN (Ukraine) Folk Metal
- DIZATTACK (Ukraine) Thrash Metal
- ANGERED CROWD (Ukraine) Death / Groove Metal

BLACK SEA STORM stege (from 4 to 5 August): a black storm that takes you on its wings to the gloomy realm of Black Metal!
- DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS (Poland) Black / Death Metal
- BEFORE STONE (Ukraine) Black Metal
- WHITE WARD (Ukraine) Post-Black Metal
- COLOTYPHUS (Ukraine) Atmospheric Black Metal
- DYMNA LOTVA (Belarus) Atmospheric Black / Doom Metal
- NORDWITCH (Ukraine) Blackened Death Metal
- ATRA MORS (Ukraine) Black Metal
- UNGOLIANTHA (Ukraine) Black Metal
- DEPTH (Ukraine) Atmospheric Black Metal
- HELLFIRE (Ukraine) Black / Death Metal                                                                                                   - MOGH (Persia) Oriental Black Metal 

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