Three contest shows of "MHM in your city"

By now we are done with three contest shows of "MHM in your city".
They took place in Volgograd, Chernogov and Dnipropetrovsk.
So now in each city we have a band which will take part in MHM 2013:

1. Brain Defloration UA — Old School Brutal Death/Grind - 
2. Deatharythmia UA Extreme Metal/Experimental Death - 
3. Quarantine RU Deathmetal/Deathcore -
4. Marauder UA — Thrash -
Photo and vidoe from the gigs will be available soon here.

And we have more contest shows planned for these time — stay tuned!

A lot of bands who took part  in contest gigs are really good! Thus we decided to take two bands from Dnipropetrovsk.
Those who got the lowest number of votes still can take part in general selection — just send us your  messages, you still have the chance!

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