Meshuggah is cancelled

Due to the fact, that the festival sponsor — Global Promotion agency — for the time being is not able to fulfill all its financial obligation, we are forced to announce the cancelleation of Meshuggah show (the official management announcement will be soon available at the band's site).

The good news:
  1. the festival will take place at its historical location — EC " Solnyshko" (between Saki and Evpatorija);
  2. the shows of KATAKLYSM (07.08.2011) and VOMITORY (05.08.2011) will take place at the respective dates.

We tender our apologies to Meshuggah fans and to those who booked accommodations and Myrnyj.
We do everything to make this festival  and it WILL BE (without Global Promotion).
We believe in YOU, out great fans, because MHM festival is done only for you!

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