Angered Crowd at МНМ 2018

Angered Crowd, that plays a stunning combination of Groove and Death Metal, will perform at MHM XVI!
At the moment, the band is recording new material to their first EP, and ready to give you some good meat on Metal Heads' Mission 2018!


DIZATTACK band from Ukraine playing Thrash Metal — at MHM XVI festival!

Atropine at МНМ 2018

Atropine band from Poland — at MHM XVI stage!
In 2016 Atropine releases the first EP and plays
concerts with such metal bands as Dead Infection, Epitome, Embrional and Planet Hell.
The first full album was recorded in 2018 — "Death is coming" contains 12 tracks of old-school death metal with brutal, fast blasts, heavy riffs and almost grind vocal.
You would be able to listen to those songs live at Metal Heads' Mission Festival !

Chaos Descent at МНМ 2018

Chaos Descent from Iran will arrive on MHM XVI, bringing a great Death Metal band with melodic, thrash, groove and heavy influences.
In Iran, metal music is banned and you may even be imprisoned and go to jail because of this, so the band (that have released a solid album called "A New Clear Dawn" this March) will perform live for the first time — and it will happen at the Metal Heads ' Mission 2018 Festival. 

Vandraren at MHM 2018

Vandraren — Folk Metal band from ODESSA — at MHM XVI Festival!
Powerful folk sound made by the mix of ethnic instruments with heavy metal and brutal extreme vocal, as well as bright stage performances.
Get ready to dance with Vandraren tunes at Metal Heads' Mission 2018!

Accommodation at the festival




For the timeof the festival you can book a wooden house with a terrace. There are four types of houses on offer (for 521 person in total) plus camping location.

Information about accommodation can be found here 

Rattler at MHM 2018

Rattler from Ukraine will delight you with powerful thrash metal strikes at the MHM XVI festival!
Prepare to mosh with speed thrash metal hits from Rattler at the Metal Heads' Mission 2018!

Asphodelia at MHM 2018

Asphodelia from sunny Italy will come from the darkness right to Metal Heads' Mission 2018 stage!
The band plays melodic dark metal and blends symphonic and choral sonorities, electronics and Mediterranean echoes into a solid metal frame with a strongly dark mood. Their lyrics are usually centered on the theme of the afterlife, on the life and death dichotomy, the fleetingness of time and the misery of the human condition. 
Asphodelia have recently signed to Mighty Music and released their debut album 'Welcome Apocalypse' this year, on April. 
Welcome ASPHODELIA at MHM XVI stage!

POMSTA at МНМ 2018

POMSTA band are waiting to deliver some fresh groove metal to MHM XVI Festival!
Last year, the band released their first album "Wild Lands" on Nocturnus Records, and soon you will be able to check the material from it live, at the Metal Heads' Mission stage!

Epitome at МНМ 2018

Polish crazy butchers and good friends of our festival, Epitome band will bring you some delicious fresh meat from MHM XVI stage!
Defining its genre as "supeROTic hostile pathological sound formula", musicians present a really cool mix of avantgarde brutal metal, which will suits for everyone who likes to be cut off under the infernal sun of Metal Heads' Mission 2018!

Defiant at МНМ 2018

Defiant — Melodic Heavy/Power Metal Band from Ukraine, will play a powerful and energetic metal at MHM XVI stage!
In November 2016, the band released their first studio album "Time isn't healing" on the German label Ferrrum Records, and this year, Defiant is scheduled to release the second longplay.
A band has a dozen performances, including solo concerts and participation in major Ukrainian events and festivals, including on the upcoming Metal Heads' Mission 2018!

Starving Souls at МНМ 2018

Ukrainian band Starving Souls with excellent melodic death metal will perform at MHM XVI!
During their history, the band released two singles and a full-length album, as well as performing more than fifty concerts in Ukraine.
Meet Starving Souls at Metal Heads' Mission 2018!


DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS from Poland will headline the Black Sea Storm III stage!
Founded by Quazarre in 2000, DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS merges the fierceness of traditional black and death metal with a subtle dose of ethereal melodies. Throughout the years the band found the right balance between those seemingly opposing elements and eventually created their own, distinctive sonic path. Critically acclaimed records as well as intense touring all over the Old Continent along with some of the biggest names on the metal scene made the band a promising force on the map of European extreme music. 
The band has already visited the MHM festival at 2008, and this year Devilish Impressions will return to us with a new material — including new album "The I"
Hail Devilish Impressions on Black Sea Storm III stage!

Fornax at МНМ 2018

Fornax - a band from Kyiv, that plays melodic death metal — will perform at MHM XVI!
Nowtime, the band is working on their first full-Length Album that contains 13 songs united under a single plot, and you will be able to appreciate it at the Metal Heads' Mission 2018 Festival!

Mutanter at MHM 2018

One of the pioneers of Ukrainian death metal, Mutanter (ex-Limited Mutanter) will give you some powerful old school Death at MHM-XVI!
The band has already participated several times at our festival, and this year, Mutanter are preparing to release their album "The Limit" on Kernkraftritter records, and the band with the new vocalist will present their new and old hits at the Metal Heads' Mission 2018 stage!

From Alcohol To Destruction at MHM 2018

From Alcohol To Destruction from Odessa preparing a crazy mix from grind- and fastcore, tearing the hall and stage into small pieces!
From Alcohol To Destruction is 4 bastards plowing across the expanses of underground music ocean on their demolishing fastcore boat.

Encephalotomy at MHM 2018

Encephalotomy from Kyiv is ready to cheer you up with brutal tunes at MHM XVI!
Band is playing and oldschool Death Metal and its main varieties — Brutal Slamming / Technical — and in August you will be able to appreciate their songs live!

Drift of Genes at MHM 2018

Ukrainian One-man band called Drift of Genes is really monstrous!
Since 2009, the musician under the name Spasm recorded and released 3 demos and 3 full-length albums, and a new CD is preparing for release!
And this year Drift of Genes will bring you a massive wall of Brutal Death Metal from MHM XVI stage!

MoreGore at MHM 2018

MoreGore - a band that have 10 years, four albums and numerous gigs in history — returns to the stage of our festival to give you a good and delicious gridcore! 
Meet MoreGore at MHM XVI festival! 


FECALITY from Ukraine will give you some mad coprogrind under the infernal sun at MHM XVI festival! 

Signs of Execution at MHM 2018

Signs of Execution is a female fronted Groove Metal band from Tallinn, Estonia.
The vocalist is a pretty girl with overwhelming low-pitch growls and screams terrifying as hell, leaving an impression of a rabid predator. At the end of 2017, Signs of Execution released
the new single The Ceremony of Anticipation which opened a new chapter in the history of the band.
The foundation of the music is a mix of thoughtful melodies what's accompanied by matching bass lines.
On top of that, two layers of heavy guitars, forming full musical harmony with the groovy rhythm section.
Meet Signs Of Execution at MHM-XVI stage!

Brain Defloration at MHM 2018

Brain Defloration from Dnieper, Ukraine, will bring you some really good brutal tunes on MHM-2018!
Having the "Cerebrophilia" EP and "Failed rectal assault" single, as well as performances on numerous gigs, including MHM-XIV, the band writes new material for the upcoming longplay and actively playing across Ukraine.

Do Skonu at BSS 2018

Dark and viscous occult Black Metal from Do Skonu will lead you into the embraces of primeval darkness at the Black Sea Storm III festival!
The band released 4 Albums, demo, EP and split with Niezgal from Belarus, and performed on one stage with Mgła and Inquisition bands.
Do Skonu will perform their dark rituals at the Black Sea Storm stage soon!

Tickets for sale in ODESSA

Tickets in ODESSA can be purchased:

- ToopoShop — store of youth clothes of world brands, Odessa, pl. Greek 3/4, tf "Athena", 4th floor,

working hours: 11: 00-20: 00

- Artbilet — Concert and theatrical box office, Odessa, st. Novoselskogo, 104, working hours: Mon-Fri 10: 00-18: 00, Sat 12: 00-17: 00

Electronic tickets:


Hellfire at BSS 2018

Stay ready for agressive Black/Death Metal from the Ukrainian band Hellfire at the Black Sea Storm!
The band reeased their first album "Goat Revenge" last year at Witches Brew label, and currently they are working on their next release.
Prepare for blasphemous hurricane from Hellfire at Black Sea Storm III stage!

NordWitch at BSS 2018

Cold Northern magic and black rituals will be performed by Ukrainian band NordWitch led by the beautiful blonde witch — at the Black Sea Storm III Festival!
Nordwitch it's mix of powerful strong riffs and brutal female vocals. For this moment band done work with debut album "Mørk Profeti".
The album received a lot of positive reviews in the world as well as it's cover art made by Nurgeslag (ROTTING CHRIST, SEAEYE, BALFOR, IN FOR THE KILL)
Don't miss the fascinating and powerful Blackened Death metal from NordWitch on Black Sea Storm stage!

Atra Mors at BSS 2018

Atra Mors from Lviv will perform their blasphemous Balck Metal acts from Black Sea Storm III stage!

Nihilist at MHM 2018

Nihilist is a Prog Death Metal band from Minsk (Belarus). They released an EP "Borninthecasket", a full-Length album "Dogmat", as well as played a series of gigs in Belarus, noticed by their unusual music and an original performances.
This year — Nihilist on Metal Heads' Mission Festival stage!

D.Hate at MHM 2018

D.Hate from Lviv will play at MHM-XVI!
Band has two albums and numerous performances in Ukraine and Europe.
Prepare to an owewhelming mixture of Death / Groove metal from D.Hate at the Metal Heads' Mission 2018 Festival!

Depth at BSS 2018

Depth from Kyiv, that debuted at MHM-XV Afterparty stage last year, this time will perform its dark rituals on Black Sea Storm festival! 

Colotyphus at BSS 2018

Ukrainian band Colotyphus, that released their single "Through Eternity" at March, 2018, will perform its magnificent atmospheric Black Metal passages with Doom / Ambient elements from the Black Sea Storm — III stage. 

RE:spawn at МНМ 2018

Kyiv band RE:spawn is ready to bring you some powerful Death / Thrash Metal from MHM-XVI stage!
For now this band is already ready to introduce their first EP, released by the American Label Cimmerian Shade Recordings, which will be officialy released in the first half of 2018.
And you may listen to this music live at the Metal Heads' Mission Festival!

Beyond The Existence at МНМ 2018

The Greek Atmospheric Death Metal band Beyond The Existence will strike from the stage of MHM-XVI!
The agressive guttural vocals, mixed with technical guitar riffs and piano/strings arrangements, earned them recognition and support beyond the European border, in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Argentina, USA, Brazil and Japan. As of now, the band is working on their second album titled "Thoughts Through The Imagination", set to be released in 2018.


Death Metal machine from Denmark — Illdisposed will blast the stage of Metal Heads' Mission festival-XVI at AUGUST, 2!
Since the beginning of the 90's Illdisposed have been one of the top bands of the Nordic death metal scene and have released 13 albums and 2 EP's. Illdisposed have developed their own form of death metal with groovy rhythms, melodic but still hard hitting riffs and a massive wall of sound with a unique subwoofer vocal in focus.
Hail Illdisposed at MHM-2018!



Ticket price:


METAL HEADS 'MISSION August 1-3 (three days) — 500 UAH.

BLACK SEA STORM from 4 to 5 August (day / night) — 250 UAH.

Buy ticket: Support:

tel. + 38 068 711 8850



WRCKG at MHM 2018

WRCKG is a Dutch melodic hardcore band formed in 2014.
The emotional vocals, chaotic and melodic riffs, sublime drum patterns blend together in a unique and seamless mix.

WRCKG is now ready to hit the MHM — XVI festival stage with their unique sound and energetic live performances.

Ungoliantha at BSS 2018

Ungoliantha from Ukraine will unleash a darkest Black Metal blast from the stage of Black Sea Storm Festival — III !

White Ward at BSS 2018

Exploring themes of borderline death states, aberrant afterlife worlds and strange mental disorders, the White Ward sound spans the expansiveness of instrumental jazz and the depths of pitch black existential despair. After recording their first full-length album "Futility Report", WHITE WARD signed to Debemur Morti Productions and are primed to embark much further on their divergent sonic journey.
Hail White Ward at Black Sea Storm III !

Dracula at МНМ 2018

Thrash Metal from Belarus Dracula _ BY — will burn the stage at the sunny days of Metal Heads' Mission — XVI!

DYMNA LOTVA at Black Sea Storm 2018

We're starting to announce the bands that will play on the Black Sea Storm stage!

Dymna Lotva appeared on the belarusian metal scene recently, but it is a bright case where the quality and extreme sincerity of musical material promises to thoughtful listeners some journey — dark surfing through heather wastelands, abandoned graveyards, bottomless marshes, trip to inner Chernobyl.
Dymna Lotva creates hypnotic musical landscape, viscous and lingering, leaving us black secret signs and scars.

Soul Sacrifice at MHM 2018

Soul Sacrifice from Turkey will bring you Death Metal with modern melodic tunes, some oriented Turkish melodies and mixture of different vocal types from MHM-2018 stage! 

Draco Hypnalis at MHM 2018

Our good old friends Draco Hypnalis from Czech Republic will strike again this year by their incredible mix of Prog / Blackened / Death Metal from MHM stage!

SIN Of GOD at MHM 2018

We're starting to announce bands that will take part in METAL HEADS' MISSION — XVI Festival!

Sin Of God is a Hungarian Death Metal machine, that represents a merciless death metal destruction in it’s finest form. Inspired by the occult writings of Alchemy and the dissection of the faith in mankind, their latest album Aenigmata will drive you into pure metal!

Bands booking started !

Hi, friends!
We're start booking for a METAL HEADS' MISSION / BLACK SEA STORM 2018 Festival!
Applications from bands are accepted until April, 15!

Download an application form here:

 incorrectly filled applications as well as applications without any of materials mentioned above will not be accepted.

MHM — XVI will take place at 1-5 August, on the Black Sea coast, "Zatoka" sanatorium, Zatoka, Odessa region.
There will be a lot of metal bands from all over the Earth.

 August, 1-3: MHM Stage (Death / Grind / Thrash / Heavy / Folk Metal etc)
 August, 4-5: Black Sea Storm stage (Black / Dark / Doom / Sludge Metal etc)

Waiting for your applications!

MHM 2018 !

Holy news!
Metal Heads' Mission XVI — 2018 will take place 1 to 5 August at "Zatoka" sanatorium, Zatoka, Odessa region.
Prepare yourself for five days of MHM + Black Sea Storm, as well as the sea, sun and the fun friendly company of metalheads!
Join us and get ready for the best metal vacation this year!

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