Angered Crowd at МНМ 2018

Angered Crowd, that plays a stunning combination of Groove and Death Metal, will perform at MHM XVI!
At the moment, the band is recording new material to their first EP, and ready to give you some good meat on Metal Heads' Mission 2018!


DIZATTACK band from Ukraine playing Thrash Metal — at MHM XVI festival!

Atropine at МНМ 2018

Atropine band from Poland — at MHM XVI stage!
In 2016 Atropine releases the first EP and plays
concerts with such metal bands as Dead Infection, Epitome, Embrional and Planet Hell.
The first full album was recorded in 2018 — "Death is coming" contains 12 tracks of old-school death metal with brutal, fast blasts, heavy riffs and almost grind vocal.
You would be able to listen to those songs live at Metal Heads' Mission Festival !

Chaos Descent at МНМ 2018

Chaos Descent from Iran will arrive on MHM XVI, bringing a great Death Metal band with melodic, thrash, groove and heavy influences.
In Iran, metal music is banned and you may even be imprisoned and go to jail because of this, so the band (that have released a solid album called "A New Clear Dawn" this March) will perform live for the first time — and it will happen at the Metal Heads ' Mission 2018 Festival. 

Vandraren at MHM 2018

Vandraren — Folk Metal band from ODESSA — at MHM XVI Festival!
Powerful folk sound made by the mix of ethnic instruments with heavy metal and brutal extreme vocal, as well as bright stage performances.
Get ready to dance with Vandraren tunes at Metal Heads' Mission 2018!

Accommodation at the festival




For the timeof the festival you can book a wooden house with a terrace. There are four types of houses on offer (for 521 person in total) plus camping location.

Information about accommodation can be found here 

Rattler at MHM 2018

Rattler from Ukraine will delight you with powerful thrash metal strikes at the MHM XVI festival!
Prepare to mosh with speed thrash metal hits from Rattler at the Metal Heads' Mission 2018!

Asphodelia at MHM 2018

Asphodelia from sunny Italy will come from the darkness right to Metal Heads' Mission 2018 stage!
The band plays melodic dark metal and blends symphonic and choral sonorities, electronics and Mediterranean echoes into a solid metal frame with a strongly dark mood. Their lyrics are usually centered on the theme of the afterlife, on the life and death dichotomy, the fleetingness of time and the misery of the human condition. 
Asphodelia have recently signed to Mighty Music and released their debut album 'Welcome Apocalypse' this year, on April. 
Welcome ASPHODELIA at MHM XVI stage!

POMSTA at МНМ 2018

POMSTA band are waiting to deliver some fresh groove metal to MHM XVI Festival!
Last year, the band released their first album "Wild Lands" on Nocturnus Records, and soon you will be able to check the material from it live, at the Metal Heads' Mission stage!

Epitome at МНМ 2018

Polish crazy butchers and good friends of our festival, Epitome band will bring you some delicious fresh meat from MHM XVI stage!
Defining its genre as "supeROTic hostile pathological sound formula", musicians present a really cool mix of avantgarde brutal metal, which will suits for everyone who likes to be cut off under the infernal sun of Metal Heads' Mission 2018!

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