Bands booking started !

Hi, friends!
We're start booking for a METAL HEADS' MISSION / BLACK SEA STORM 2018 Festival!
Applications from bands are accepted until April, 15!

Download an application form here:

 incorrectly filled applications as well as applications without any of materials mentioned above will not be accepted.

MHM — XVI will take place at 1-5 August, on the Black Sea coast, "Zatoka" sanatorium, Zatoka, Odessa region.
There will be a lot of metal bands from all over the Earth.

 August, 1-3: MHM Stage (Death / Grind / Thrash / Heavy / Folk Metal etc)
 August, 4-5: Black Sea Storm stage (Black / Dark / Doom / Sludge Metal etc)

Waiting for your applications!

MHM 2018 !

Holy news!
Metal Heads' Mission XVI — 2018 will take place 1 to 5 August at "Zatoka" sanatorium, Zatoka, Odessa region.
Prepare yourself for five days of MHM + Black Sea Storm, as well as the sea, sun and the fun friendly company of metalheads!
Join us and get ready for the best metal vacation this year!


Greetings from MHM TEAM!
We're deeply grateful to all bands, our metal and hardcore brothers, who came and supported the rebirth of METAL HEADS’ MISSION Mayak 2017!
The main thing is that we're all united by music — heavy, absolutely powerful and awesome music!
You are our family!
You are metal!
And MHM itself is you — all together!
See you at MHM 2018!

Running order МНМ MAYAK 2017

MHM MAYAK stage — 02.08.2017
№ п/п Время выступления Наименование команды Стиль Страна
1 15:00-15:45 Ragtag Hardcore punk Ukraine
2 15:45-16:30 Intoxicated Brutal Death Metal Ukraine
3 16:30-17:15 Midgard Folk Metal/Melodic Death Metal Ukraine
4 17:15-18:00 Bugs Live In My Bed Deathcore Ukraine
5 18:00-18:45 The Symbioz Hardcore Punk/Metal Ukraine
6 18:45-19:30 Dead Like Juliet Melodic Hardcore Italy
7 19:30-20:15 Affinity Hypothesis Brutal Death Metal Ukraine
8 20:15-21:00 Consecreation Death/Thrash Metal Ukraine
9 21:00-21:45 Homesick Hardcore Punk Ukraine
10 21:45 — 23:00 Crescent Black/Death Metal Egypt
MHM MAYAK stage — 03.08.2017
№ п/п Время выступления Наименование команды Стиль Страна
1 15:00-15:45 Suppression Hardcore Ukraine
2 15:45-16:30 Zombie Attack Thrash Metal Ukraine
3 16:30-17:15 Schizogen Brutal Death Metal Ukraine
4 17:15-18:00 Zoofagus Death Metal Ukraine
5 18:00-18:45 Set Adrift 90's Hardcore Ukraine
6 18:45-19:30 Concrete Age Ethnic Thrash/Death Metal United Kingdom
7 19:30-20:15 Morbital Death Metal/Deathgrind Russia
8 20:15-21:00 Northern Plague Death/Black Metal Poland
9 21:00-21:45 Tomorrow 90's hardcore Ukraine
10 21:45 — 23:00 Hellweed Groove Metal/Hardcore Russia
MHM MAYAK stage — 04.08.2017
№ п/п Время выступления Наименование команды Стиль Страна
1 14:45-15:30 Tank-2000 Hardcore Punk Ukraine
2 15:30-16:15 Mass Suicide Hardcore Ukraine
3 16:15-17:00 Braincoats Punk Rock Sweden
4 17:00-17:45 Re:spawn Thrash/Death Metal Ukraine
5 17:45-18:30 Lack Of Loud Punk Rock Sweden
6 18:30-19:15 Kingpin Hardcore Ukraine
7 19:15-20:00 Ezophagothomia Brutal Death Metal Ukraine
8 20:00-20:45 Fleshgore Death Metal Ukraine
9 20:45 — 22:00 Cenotaph Brutal Death Metal Turkey, Ankara
MHM Black Sea Storm stage 04. — 05.08.2017
№ п/п Время выступления Наименование команды Стиль Страна
1 22:30-23:15 Nabaath Black Metal Ukraine
2 23:15-00:00 MartYriuM Blackened Death Metal Malta
3 00:00-00:45 1914 Blackened Sludge Metal Ukraine
4 00:45-01:30 Daemonium Horror Black Metal Ukraine
5 01:30-02:15 Deathincarnation Death/Black Metal Ukraine
MHM MAYAK stage — 05.08.2017
№ п/п Время выступления Наименование команды Стиль Страна
1 14:15-15:00 Autist Hardcore/Crossover Moldova
2 15:00-15:45 Datura Brutal Death Metal Ukraine
3 15:45-16:30 Omut Folk Metal Belarus
4 16:30-17:15 Endocranial Brutal Death Metal Ukraine
5 17:15-18:00 BluesBreaker Grunge/Punk Ukraine
6 18:00-18:45 Exegutor Grindcore/Hardcore Belarus
7 18:45-19:30 Reminded Hardcore Ukraine
8 19:30-20:15 Challenger Deep Post Metal Belarus
9 20:15-21:00 Revolt Death Metal Ukraine
10 21:00-21:45 RavenWoods Blackened Death Metal Turkey
11 21:45 — 23:00 Dead Shape Figure Thrash Metal Finland
№ п/п Время выступления Наименование команды Стиль Страна
1 16:00-16:45 ЛЕТАРГИЯ Sympho Blackened Death Metal Ukraine
  16:45-17:00 КОНКУРС    
2 17:00-17:45 MORDOX Beatdown Hardcore Thrash Ukraine
  17:45-18:00 КОНКУРС    
3 18:00-18:45 Depth  Atmospheric Black Metal Ukraine
  18:45-19:00 КОНКУРС    
4 19:00-19:45 STRAIT JACKET Psychobilly Ukraine
  19:45-20:00 КОНКУРС    
5 20:00-20:45  Azathoth Circle Alternative/Dark metal Ukraine
  20:45-………. ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ БАНКЕТА ;)    


Depth at Afterparty - МНМ MAYAK 2017

Atmospheric Black Metal from the Kiev group Depth is waiting for you at AFTERPARTY MHM MAYAK!
A bit of gloom in metal paradise for all connoisseurs of the genre!

STRAIT JACKET at Afterparty - МНМ MAYAK 2017

Daring Psychobilly from Odessa — on AFTERPARTY MHM MAYAK!
How to break away from the rhythms will help you group STRAIT JACKET!
Prepare to light on August 6th on aftepati!

MORDOX at Afterparty - МНМ MAYAK 2017

One more participant of MHM MAYAK AFTERPARTY — Mordox group from Kiev.
Do you want to break away from your problems and send everything to the devil? MORDOX and their fierce music will help you with this!

LETHARGY at Afterparty - МНМ MAYAK 2017

LETHARGY — the next member of MHM MAYAK AFTERPARTY, which will be held on August 6!

Azathoth Circle at Afterparty - МНМ MAYAK 2017

We represent the first group, which will help you to have a great time at МНМ MAYAK, which will be held on August 6!
Meet Azathoth Circle dark/alternative band who have prepared for you a special weighted program at the junction of Alternative / Dark Metal!
You will hear live new tracks from the upcoming album Azathoth Circle, the release of which is planned for the fall of this year.
So leave the strength to properly come off on the afterparty MHM MAYAK 2017!
Metal Paradise is waiting for you!



The night of BLACK SEA STORM Festival II will take place on August 4-5, during MHM — Metal Head's Mission Festival!


MartYriuM (malta) (blackened industrial death metal), 

1914 (blackened sludge metal), 

Nabaath (black metal), 

Deathincarnation (death/black metal), 

Daemonium (horror black metal).

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