Tickets for sale in ODESSA

Tickets in ODESSA can be purchased:

- ToopoShop — store of youth clothes of world brands, Odessa, pl. Greek 3/4, tf "Athena", 4th floor,

working hours: 11: 00-20: 00

- Artbilet — Concert and theatrical box office, Odessa, st. Novoselskogo, 104, working hours: Mon-Fri 10: 00-18: 00, Sat 12: 00-17: 00

Electronic tickets:


Hellfire at BSS 2018

Stay ready for agressive Black/Death Metal from the Ukrainian band Hellfire at the Black Sea Storm!
The band reeased their first album "Goat Revenge" last year at Witches Brew label, and currently they are working on their next release.
Prepare for blasphemous hurricane from Hellfire at Black Sea Storm III stage!

NordWitch at BSS 2018

Cold Northern magic and black rituals will be performed by Ukrainian band NordWitch led by the beautiful blonde witch — at the Black Sea Storm III Festival!
Nordwitch it's mix of powerful strong riffs and brutal female vocals. For this moment band done work with debut album "Mørk Profeti".
The album received a lot of positive reviews in the world as well as it's cover art made by Nurgeslag (ROTTING CHRIST, SEAEYE, BALFOR, IN FOR THE KILL)
Don't miss the fascinating and powerful Blackened Death metal from NordWitch on Black Sea Storm stage!

Atra Mors at BSS 2018

Atra Mors from Lviv will perform their blasphemous Balck Metal acts from Black Sea Storm III stage!

Nihilist at MHM 2018

Nihilist is a Prog Death Metal band from Minsk (Belarus). They released an EP "Borninthecasket", a full-Length album "Dogmat", as well as played a series of gigs in Belarus, noticed by their unusual music and an original performances.
This year — Nihilist on Metal Heads' Mission Festival stage!

D.Hate at MHM 2018

D.Hate from Lviv will play at MHM-XVI!
Band has two albums and numerous performances in Ukraine and Europe.
Prepare to an owewhelming mixture of Death / Groove metal from D.Hate at the Metal Heads' Mission 2018 Festival!

Depth at BSS 2018

Depth from Kyiv, that debuted at MHM-XV Afterparty stage last year, this time will perform its dark rituals on Black Sea Storm festival! 

Colotyphus at BSS 2018

Ukrainian band Colotyphus, that released their single "Through Eternity" at March, 2018, will perform its magnificent atmospheric Black Metal passages with Doom / Ambient elements from the Black Sea Storm — III stage. 

RE:spawn at МНМ 2018

Kyiv band RE:spawn is ready to bring you some powerful Death / Thrash Metal from MHM-XVI stage!
For now this band is already ready to introduce their first EP, released by the American Label Cimmerian Shade Recordings, which will be officialy released in the first half of 2018.
And you may listen to this music live at the Metal Heads' Mission Festival!

Beyond The Existence at МНМ 2018

The Greek Atmospheric Death Metal band Beyond The Existence will strike from the stage of MHM-XVI!
The agressive guttural vocals, mixed with technical guitar riffs and piano/strings arrangements, earned them recognition and support beyond the European border, in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Argentina, USA, Brazil and Japan. As of now, the band is working on their second album titled "Thoughts Through The Imagination", set to be released in 2018.

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