Very Strict Rules

  1. Those, who are caught at violation of these rules will be immediately burned (by sun) .
  2. Promoter is not responsible for the safety of visitor's property and health.
  3. Every festival visitor must buy a ticket — after getting a control wristband you should keep the ticket (as a memorable thing)). If you have the control wristband:                — you have the right to go anywhere at the territory of Ukraine and the world;             — you can enter and leave the festival area whenever you want;
  4. Of course, you can take the wristband off. However in such a case you will loose a right to get to the festival area without paying the fee again.
  5. Those, who will be found at festival area without MHM-wristbands will be punished according p.p.1.
  6. You can wear the fake wristbands of any other festival, but making fake MHM-wristbands is prohibited and punished accroding p.p.1. 
  7. Those, who are under 3 years old, are allowed to attend festival just in case they are accompanied by adults.
  8. You are allowed to bring with you: drinks (any), food (any), medicine, plastic arms, chocolate bars, budgerigars.
  9. You are NOT allowed to bring in with you: any liquids in glass\metal  containers, canned food, pointed and sharp objects, rubber men, angry dogs and all that can be classified as potentially dangerous.
  10.  Still, we (promoters) have the right for the personal security check.
  11. You are strictly recommended to bring the recording gear, dictaphones, cinema- and video cameras! You can take photos with amateur cameras (of small dimensions and flat) as well as with BIG Professional Cameras. You can bring SLR cameras, cameras with interchangeable lenses, pseudo-SLR cameras as well as any other professional and semiprofessional photo-gear and related objects.
  12. You can drink alcohol at the festival area and nearby territories.
  13. It is STRICKTLY prohibited to produce, distribute and consume drugs. Any drugs you will find should be immediately passed to Promoters.  
  14. Look attentively what are you going to sit on when you're on the beach. Use sun creams and lubricants.
  15. Be VERY attentive when crossing the road!
  16. It's really not recommended to enter the sea when you are drunk or after using drugs. When passing the festival area control all those who will be non-responsive because of alcohol will be left in the shadows outside the festival area (with no compensation for lost property or alcohol).
  17. At the festival territory you are allowed to use fire for the ritual burnings as well as for kitchen needs, but just in case you follow all the rules of fire safety.
  18. There will be police and first aid support units. The ecology of the nearby territories is permanently controlled by the specially trained half-military unit of gophers, so you're welcome to have with you a handful of nuts or chips.
  19. It is prohibited to put litter at the festival area and nearby territories. Please, leave the garbage in special places (there are plenty of them). TAKE CARE OF NATURE!!!!!
  20. All festival visitors, festival administration and security structures should be polite.
  21. It is prohibited to sale people.
  22. In case you've lost something — turn to God or to someone from the festival team (these are marked by special badges, unlike the God). We are always ready to help you.  
  23. We use only national currency (ukrainian gryvnia) at the festival place. You can exchange currency at special places — or turn to money jobber at you own responsibility.    
  24. Those, who violate the festival rules even after they recieve a warning, can be immediately burnt (yes, by the sun).
  25. Every visitor of MHM MUST:                                                                                                        relax, rock with the music and obey these simple rules.                Remember, that the festival is not a set of rules, but a communication first of all! Let's do it pleasant for all of us!

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